Kindergarten Activities for Halloween


These free kindergarten literacy activities are a fun addition to Halloween centers. They help kids learn to sound out and spell CVC words such as “cat” and “web”. They’re suitable for kids in preschool too.

What is a CVC word?

When I first started teaching, this was a question I was curious about. I soon learnt that a CVC word is a three letter word that contains a “consonant, vowel, consonant”. Some examples of CVC words are cat, web, hat and gum. The following kindergarten literacy activities help kidsto spell Halloween themed CVC words.


CVC Sensory Tray and Word Mat

Preparation – I began by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. For this activity you’ll need the CVC word mat, CVC picture cards and the corresponding letter cards. I placed the letters in a sand tray, which was essentially a cat litter tray (brand new of course) filled with colored sand.

How to Play – Place a CVC picture card on the word mat. Say the word and sound out each letter. For example “bat” would be /b/ /a/ /t/. Next find the letters in the sand tray and put them on the mat.


CVC Puzzles and Worksheet

Preparation – Prepare the puzzles by cutting along the dotted lines to separate the pieces. For the worksheet, kids will need some colored markers and pencils to color in the pictures.

How to Play – Spread the puzzle pieces out on the table. Solve the puzzles by looking at the pictures for clues. Once the puzzles are completed, grab the worksheet. Choose one puzzle at a time such as “web” and sound it out /w/ /e/ /b/. Then find the picture on the worksheet and rainbow write the word. So for example, write the /w/ in purple, /e/ in orange and /b/ in green. Continue doing this for all of the CVC words on the worksheet.




CVC Sensory Tray

Preparation – Fill a sensory tray with a material such as colored sand or rice. Then grab a pile of CVC picture cards.

How to Play – Place a CVC picture card in the sensory tray.Say the word and sound it out. For example “hat” /h/ /a/ /t/. Then spell the word in the sand using your finger or a feather.



CVC Halloween Puzzles

The puzzles can also be played on their own. Simply spread them out and look at the puzzle pieces for clues. Put the pieces of each puzzle together and then sound it out. For example, “bat” /b/ /a/ t/.

I hope the kids enjoy these Halloween CVC activities.

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