Alphabet Centers and Activities (Magnetic Letters)


Kids will love learning about letters with these fun alphabet centers! All of the literacy centers are hands-on and use magnetic letters. They’re great for kids in preschool, pre-k and kindergarten.

Alphabet Activities Using Magnetic Letters

I have fond memories of playing with magnetic letters as a kid and they’re one of my favorite resources to use as a teacher. So I recently set out to create a comprehensive set of activities to help kids learn about the alphabet. These hands-on alphabet centers help kids learn about letter recognition, beginning sounds, letter formation and putting letters into alphabetical order.

Rainbow Magnetic Letter Cards

These magnetic letter task cards help kids explore all of the letters of the alphabet.


Preparation – I began by printing and laminating the cards for added durability. Then I placed a set of cards on a cookie sheet. Next I filled a basket with both lower case and upper case letters.

How to Play – Kids begin by choosing a letter card. First, they need to say the letter name and the sound it makes. After that, it’s a good idea to read the sentence too. For example, “Cc. Cc makes a /c/ sound. Cc is for cake.” The next step is to find the matching magnetic letters and match them to the card. Ask the kids to identify the lower case and upper case (capital) letter. Then to finish off, get the kids to trace over the letters with an erasable marker and then choose another card to work on.


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10 More Alphabet Centers to Use With Magnetic Letters

This is one of my favorite resources I’ve ever created! I really love that the activities are hands-on and use magnetic letters. There’s even a center that you can differentiate depending on what letter sounds your students are currently working on.

Best of all, it also includes both a color and black line version! So if you need to save your color ink, you can print the literacy centers on colored paper instead. :)



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Free Rainbow Magnetic Letter Center

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