Fun Farm Activities for Kids


These fun farm activities help kids learn about life on the farm. They’re perfect for kids in preschool and kindergarten.

Farmer’s Market Dramatic Play Center

Setting up a “Farmer’s Market” in your dramatic play center is a fun way for kids to learn about farming. In the “Farmer’s Market” I created, kids have the opportunity to see real world photos of foods that come from a farm.

Preparation – To set up your “Farmer’s Market” you’ll need a few additional props such as a table or market stand, cash register and play food. I found my market stand and play food in the toy section at Kmart and Target. But you can also make play food out of craft materials. For example, I made some potatoes out of brown paper and tape. There are some awesome ideas on Pinterest for making play food. You can check out my “Dramatic Play” board for inspiration here.


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Farm Learning Centers

I got a bit excited making the “Farmer’s Market” dramatic play center and included an additional ten learning centers! You can check out some of the bonus math and literacy learning centers in the photo below.

I really love the apple orchard center where kids can pick the apples and sort them into categories. I included some printable apples but found those plastic balls work really well too.


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Farm Animal Crafts and Writing Activities

If you’re looking for a few simple crafts and worksheet activities that help kids learn about farm animals, then be sure to check out my “Farm Animal” activity pack here. It helps kids learn about a horse, cow, hen, pig, sheep and duck.


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Free Farm Math Center

The following math center helps kids learn how to read and order numbers up to twenty.

Preparation – For this activity you’ll need some popsicle sticks and the number fence mats. I recommend laminating the number fence mats for added durability. To make the numbered popsicle sticks, I used a fine felt tip pen to write the numbers.

How to Play – Spread out the numbered popsicle sticks and instruct the kids to put them in the correct order on the mat. To begin with, use the number mats with the numbers so that kids can match the numbers easily. Once they become more familiar with the numbers they can try the blank number mat.

I love using the blank number mats as an assessment piece for ordering numbers. I usually just take a photo of the student and their completed number mat as evidence of their progress.


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