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These bug activities are hands-on and perfect for kids who LOVE learning about bugs! The free bugs puzzles make a great addition to a literacy center.

Learning about bugs is so much fun! The following bug activities are hands-on and great for kids in kindergarten and first grade.

1. Bug Activities For Science

I usually introduce the term “bugs” to younger kids. As kids get older I begin to use more specific vocabulary such as insects, arachnids and so on.

Sort and Classify Mats

These help kids to name the different bugs that are commonly found in the garden. Kids begin by matching the pictures to those displayed on the mats.

Once they’ve mastered that, you can add in additional sorting pictures such as “ocean animals” or “farm animals”. The sorting mats come in a blank version and a picture version.

Sort and classify activities for investigating bugs and animals ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

If you have some bug figurines, you can use the sorting labels (shown above). I love gluing the labels onto paper plates and placing a variety of figurines into a mystery bag. The kids pull out one figurine at a time, name it and place it into the corresponding category.

<<<Grab these bug sort and classify activities here>>>

2. Bug Activities For Math

The following bug activities are suitable for kids who are working on counting and subitizing. I had the bugs custom designed by a graphic artist and was really pleased with result!


Bug math centers which focus on counting and subitizing. Great activities for a bug themed unit. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

<<<Find out more about these bug math activities here>>>

3. Bug Activities For Literacy

These bug puzzles help kids to learn bug vocabulary, whilst tuning into beginning sounds. They also help kids to match lower case letters with upper case letters.

Preparation – Print and laminate the puzzles for added durability.

How To Play – Scatter the puzzle pieces on a table top or place them in a basket.
Kids need to name the bug and identify the beginning sound. For example “Grasshopper. Grasshopper begins with a /g/’.
Then they need to find the matching piece.
The letters are in various colors to help the kids solve the puzzles independently.

Free bug puzzles which focus on beginning sounds and learning bug vocabulary. Perfect activity for a bug unit. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin

You can grab these free bugs puzzles by clicking on the download butting below.

 Then make sure you check out the links to other awesome and FREE bug activities below!




More Fun Bug Activities

Check out the following free bug activities! The links to them can be found below.




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