Fun Color Activities For Kids


These free color games help kids learn to identify colors in a fun, hands-on way. An American AND Australian spelling version is included.

Color Game 1 – Board Game

To play this game you’ll need the board game, some counters and a dice.

How to play

Each player needs to roll the dice, move that number of spots and say the color. The first player to reach the finish wins.
As an extension activity, ask the kids to name the color and an object that is that color. For example, a red apple.




Color Game 2 – Gumball Roll and Cover Game

To play this game, each player needs a set of counters that are the same color. You also need the board game and color spinner.

I bought some plastic arrows for the spinner from an education supply store, but you can also use a large paper clip on the end of a pencil.

How to play

Each player has to spin a color and the cover a gumball that is the same color. Players continue playing until all of the gumballs are covered. The player with the most gumballs covered wins.

Color Game 3 – Fine Motor Color Sort

This is an activity that you can do with everyday materials such as pom poms and a dip tray. You’ll also need some kids’s tweezers or small tongs.

To set up this activity, you’ll need to attach the color words to the dip tray (or bowls) and provide the kids with a variety of different colored pom poms to sort.

How to play

Kids need to pick up a pom pom and place it in the corresponding color group.




You can also use the color spinner to go on a “color hunt”.  So kids spin the spinner, name the color and then find an object that is the same color.

To grab your free color games click on the download button at the bottom of the page.


Color Charts


Having a color display is helpful for kids who are learning about colors and how to read color words. I love the crayons because they are oh so cute!

I also find the color posters helpful for discussions. I often use them to help kids make associations between the colors and real world objects.



You can check out the color posters shown above here.



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More Awesome Color Activities

If you’re learning about colors, be sure to check out the following free activities below!





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Download your free color games here.



Color Bingo

You may also like this free color bingo game. You can download it here.


Happy teaching :)

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