Easter Activities For Kids


It’s almost Easter time, so I’ve put together a collection of fun Easter activities for kids to do.

Easter Playdough Mats

These free Easter playdough mats are great for literacy and math centers.

Preparation – Print and laminate the playdough mats for added durability. You’ll also need some playdough.


Literacy Easter Activities

There are six beginning sound Easter playdough mats. Kids need to say the beginning sound and then form the letters out of playdough.


Math Easter Activities

There are six counting Easter playdough mats. Kids need to read the number and then use playdough to make that amount of objects.

Each mat also helps kids to identify shapes such as ovals, hearts and circles.



Get these Easter playdough mats by clicking the purple download button below.



Easter Worksheet Activities

Usually at Easter time, I like to have a variety of worksheets on hand that are “Easter themed”.

Preparation – Print the worksheets that best suit your needs. You can choose from math, literacy and craft worksheets.

Craft Ideas

Bunny Basket  Kids can make a bunny basket and fill it with yummy Easter treats. The template can be printed on A4 or A3 paper.
After cutting out the template, kids can add some googly eyes and a cotton wool bunny tail.

Easter Card –  There is a blank Easter card template that looks super cute printed on pastel colored paper. I usually take a photo of each child wearing bunny ears.
Then the kids paste their photo on the front of the card and write a message to their families inside.


Grab these Easter worksheet activities by clicking the purple download button below.



Easter Patterning Activities

These Easter activities help kids to develop fine motor and patterning skills.
Kids can make patterns by placing pony beads onto chenille sticks. They can also use pom poms to create patterns on the patterning mats.

Free patterning mats and counting activities for spring and math centers. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin


You can grab the free spring patterning activities shown above here.



Easter Egg Patterning

I love finding different ways to use plastic eggs. If you’re working on patterning, then you may like these adorable Easter patterning mats.
Kids can make patterns using the plastic eggs. Then they can paint an egg pattern on one of the patterning worksheets.

Patterning cards and worksheets to use with plastic Easter eggs. Great for math centers. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin


You can grab these fun Easter and spring patterning activities by clicking here.

Spring patterning activities, worksheets and cards. ~ Fairy PoppinsPin


Happy teaching! :)




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