Friends Of Ten Activities


These friends of ten activities help kids learn how to partition ten. They are also perfect for Saint Patrick’s Day!

Math Centers

Work Mats – These friends of ten work mats are a fun way for kids to model different ways of making ten.

Preparation – Print the work mat for added durability. Grab some counters. I love the double sided counters which have red on one side and yellow on the other.

How to play– Look at a number on the rainbow such as “2” and follow the color beam to find its friend “8”. Then model this with the two colors on the ten frame. If you have the double sided counters, place 10 of them in the cup. Then spill them and discover which friend pair the spilled counters represent.


Free friends of ten task cards, worksheet and partitioning craft. Saint Patrick's day activities~Fairy PoppinsPin


Worksheet – The friends of ten worksheet helps the kids to work out the missing number (friend). Kids can use the numbers on the rainbow to help them complete the sums.

Task cards – These can be added to a math center or used as an early finisher activity.

Preparation – Laminate for added durability. You’ll also need an erasable marker.

How to play –  Write the missing number (friend) needed to make ten in the box.

Partitioning Craft

One of my favorite activities for teaching partitioning is to make a chain. The following pot of gold craft is super easy and looks really cute when finished.

All of the templates and instructions are included in the printable below.

Free Saint Patrick's day partitioning ten craft~Fairy PoppinsPin

Grab these free Saint Patrick’s Day activities by click the purple download button below.



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