Flower Measurement Activities


These flower measurement activities are a fun addition to math centers – especially if you are doing a garden or spring theme! They’re suitable for kids in preschool or kindergarten.

1. Flower Measurement Mats

This is a fun activity to help kids learn to order items from shortest to tallest.

Preparation – Begin by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. Next, cut along the dotted lines to separate the flowers and the shuffle them so the sizes are all mixed up.

How to Play – Start by looking for the shortest flower and then place it on the mat near the word “shortest”. Then compare the height of all the flowers and put them on the mat in order from shortest to tallest. You can also use this mat with real flowers or fake flowers cut to different lengths.



2. Flower Measurement Cards

I love using measurement cards to teach kids how to measure using non standard measurement units.

Preparation – After laminating the cards, cut around the green borders to separate the cards. Then you’ll need to grab an erasable marker and some non standard measuring tools such as cubes, counting links or paper clips.

How to Play – Grab a card and then measure the line next to each flower. Place the non standard measurement units on the line so there are no gaps and then write how tall the flower is in the box with an erasable marker. Kids can try using different tools with each card to see if they get a different answer.



3. Flower Measurement Worksheets

I’ve included two flower worksheets in this pack. The first one kids just need to look at the flowers and then circle the correct answer (shown below).



The second flower worksheet can be used in a few different ways (shown above). The first way is you can on on a nature walk outside and pick some flowers. Kids can then place them in order o the worksheet and use tape to fix them in place.

The second way is to turn the worksheet into a craft activity. Prepare a variety of pretend flowers stems from cut up strips of paper, straws or chenille sticks. Then instruct the kids to put them in order from shortest to tallest. Once they’re in the correct order the kids can glue them on and then add a flower to each stem. In the picture above I’ve used bingo daubers but you could draw or paint them on too.


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