Saint Patrick’s Day Math Centers


These Saint Patrick’s Day Math Centers help kids develop a variety of numeracy skills. These fun, hands on activities are designed for kids in Pre-K, Preschool and Kindergarten.

Saint Patrick’s Day – Number Math Centers

I really love Saint Patrick’s Day themed activities – they’re so colorful and fun! Most of the following activities require a few readily available math materials such as a dice, popsicle sticks and counters.

Preparation – Begin by picking the number activities you’d like the kids to focus on. Most of the counting and number activities have options of numbers up to ten, twenty or thirty. Next, print and laminate the resources for added durability.

How to Play – Start by reading the instruction card that comes with each center. Then collect the materials that you’ll need. Finally, set up the math center and have fun learning some new math skills such as counting or reading numbers!


Saint Patrick’s Day Math Centers


How to Make Leprechaun Rice

Many of the activities in this pack are fun to use with a sensory bin filled with leprechaun rice. If you don’t have a sensory bin as yet, I’ve actually found cat litter trays to be really useful – just make sure they’re new!

Preparation – Grab some rice, white vinegar, food coloring and a large zip lock bag.

How To – First put a few cups of rice into a large zip lock bag. Then add a few drops of food coloring and a small splash of white vinegar. Next seal the bag and give it a shake until all of the rice has changed color. Finally empty the rice into a sensory bin and allow it to dry out.

Saint Patrick’s Day – Addition and Subtraction Math Centers

I really love the “Pot of Gold Subtraction” activity as a hands on way of teaching subtraction.

Preparation – Start by printing the sum cards on either green or orange paper. Next laminate the sum cards and subtraction mat for added durability. After that, you’ll just need to grab some counters and the recording worksheet.

How to Play – Begin by choosing a sum card and putting it on the leprechaun. Then read the first number and count that amount onto the ten frame. Next, read the second number and move that amount away by placing the counters on the pot of gold. This helps kids visually see the amount that has been taken away. Finally, count the remaining number of counters on the ten frame to determine the answer. Kids can also record the sums on the recording sheet as they go along.


Saint Patrick’s Day Math Centers

The addition board games come in two levels – sums up to five and sums up to ten. As the kids play the board games they can record their answers on the recording worksheets.


Saint Patrick’s Day – Shapes and Colors Math Centers

Ah rainbows, such a fun way to teach kids about colors! I really love the following color activities because not only do they teach kids about colors, but they develop their fine motor skills too! There’s a color sorting mat that you can use with counters or pom poms, a pom pom mat and a color matching mat. I’ve included an additional version with Australian spelling too, so for Aussie or British teachers you can enjoy printables with the spelling “colour” and “grey”!


Saint Patrick’s Day Math Centers

Finally, I’ve also included some math centers for 2D shapes and position words. The 2D shape mats are fun to use with either playdough or erasable markers.

You can learn more about these math centers by clicking on the link below.


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