Fruit Syllable Activities


These fruit syllable activities help kids develop their phonological awareness. It’s also a super fun activity to do as a part of a fruit theme.

Teaching kids syllables helps them to help chunk words into parts, which later helps with spelling.

Counting Syllables Activities


Print and laminate the resources for added durability and cut along the dotted lines to separate the pieces.

Once you’ve cut out all of the fruit pieces, place them in a basket. Then lay the sorting baskets in the middle of the table.



How to Play

Encourage the kids to take turns choosing one fruit and identify the number of syllables. You can do this in lots of ways such as clapping, tapping a drum or doing body beats (tap your head for the first syllable, shoulders for the second and hips for the third ).

After that get the kids to place the fruit on the matching basket. For example, banana has three syllables – ba / na / na. So that card would be placed on the basket with the number three.



Fruit Worksheet

The following activity can be used with bingo daubers, highlighters or crayons. Begin by getting the kids to name the fruit and identify the number of syllables. After that they need to shade the correct number.



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