Fruit Pom Pom Mats


These fruit pom pom mats help develop kid’s fine motor skills whilst also teaching them about beginning sounds. They are suitable for kids in Pre-K or Kindergarten.

Fruit Pom Pom Mats

These fun fruit activities include a set of six mats. Kids can learn about an apple, orange, banana, pear, watermelon and grapes.



Preparation – Begin by printing the mats. The pom pom clip art was available in black and white only, so I colored mine in with crayons prior to laminating the mats. You can see an example of what the mats look like with out being colored in above (see the orange mat). Next, laminate the mats for added durability. You’ll also need to grab some pom poms in a variety of colors and some fine motor tweezers or tongs.



How to Play – Identify the fruit on the mat, read the sentence and say the beginning sound. Next, cover all of circles on the fruit with a pom pom. Kids can pick random colors. Or you can instruct them to choose two colors, so that they can cover the lower case letters with one color and the capital letters with a different color. Finally, the kids can trace the letters with an erasable marker.



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More Alphabet Fine Motor Centers

I absolutely love the following pack. It is the perfect resource to support letter of the week activities. As you introduce new beginning sounds to students, you can set up one of these centers to help kids learn more about that beginning sound.

Preparation – These can be printed in color or you can print the black and white version on colored paper.

How to Play – Most of these centers use readily available classroom materials such as pom poms and playdough. Further instructions are included in the pack.


<<Grab these Alphabet Fine Motor Centers here.>>


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