Halloween Math Centers for Kindergarten


These Halloween math centers are such a fun addition to October activities! The math centers cover skills such as comparing numbers, more and less, addition and subtraction! They’re best suited to kids in Kindergarten.

When it comes to teaching math, I’ve found kids learn best when doing hands-on activities. The following Halloween math activities are easy to prep and require just a few math manipulatives such as connecting cubes and counters.

Halloween Number Activities

These more and less work mats are a fun way for kids to develop number sense. First put a number card on the Frankenstein. Then build the number that is one more and one less with connecting cubes. Finally write the number that is one less and one more on the mat with an erasable marker. I like using dry erase pocket sleeves because they’re so much easier to wipe clean than a laminated work mat! I found mine online but I’ve seen them at office supply stores too.


<<<Find these Halloween number activities here>>>

Comparing Numbers

You can check out some of the fun hands-on activities for teaching kids how to compare numbers below. Some of the activities include a follow up worksheet too.


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A fun and simple way for kids to compare numbers is to build number towers with connecting cubes. Begin by choosing a number card. Next build the two numbers out of connecting cubes and place them on the Frankenstein’s mouth. After that look at the height of the number towers to determine which is greater or less. Then place a clothes pin on the answer.


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The following game helps kids work out more and less. Start by choosing two candy cards. Next compare the amounts and put the card with less candy on the less basket. Then put the one with more candy on the more basket. After that grab another two cards to compare. Continue playing until all of the cards have been sorted.


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Halloween Addition Activities

Decomposing Ten Activities for Kindergarten

I absolutely LOVE these work mats for teaching kids how to decompose ten. I’ve included two levels of difficulty. The first set of cards helps kids learn about the different ways to decompose ten. The second set requires kids to find the missing addend. There’s also a fun friends of ten rainbow worksheet that kids can complete at the end.


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Addition to Ten Clip Cards

The following addition cards are a fun way to introduce kids to the part part whole concept. Start by working out how many cubes are in each part and write the numbers in the first two boxes. Next add these together. Finally write how many cubes there are altogether in the last box.


<<<Get these addition activities here>>>


If you’d like to learn more about any of these Halloween math centers click on the download link below. I’ve made another set of math centers that focuses on comparing numbers, addition and subtraction. You can learn more about that here.


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