Halloween Part Part Whole Math Activities


These Halloween part part whole activities help kids learn about decomposing numbers and fact families. They make an awesome addition to October math centers! They’re suitable for kindergarten or first grade.

Halloween Math Centers

Teaching addition to kids in kindergarten and first grade can be a great way to introduce them to the basics of mathematics. Addition is an important skill that can help kids understand the concepts of numbers and increase their problem-solving abilities. The following activities help kids learn about the part part whole concept, which relates to the idea that numbers can be split into parts.

Part Part Whole Crafts

The following crafts are a fun way for kids to model the part part whole concept. First kids can create a paper chain using two colors. Next they can write the parts that make up their whole chain. After that they can write the fact families for those numbers, which shows the addition and subtraction equations that can be made with those numbers.


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Part Part Whole Math Centers

Teaching the part part whole concept to kids can be really fun! It’s the perfect opportunity to pull out those connecting cubes and get kids to build different numbers. The following activities are hands-on and easy to prep. All you need are the printables, some connecting cubes in two colors and and erasable marker.


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A fun way for kids to learn about decomposing numbers is to simply choose a number and then make that number in as many ways as they can. For example, five can be made up of 0+5, 1+4, 2+3, 3+2, 4+1 or 5+0! For the following activity, get the kids to choose a number and find at least one way to make that number. After they’ve built the numbers they can write the addition sums on the recording sheet.


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I made the following part part whole task cards to help introduce kids to the part part whole concept. With these kids need to follow the brewing recipe to build each number. For example, they need to build each number part with a different color and then join the two parts together to make the whole number shown on the cauldron.


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