Solar System Activities for Kids


These solar system crafts and activities are a fun way to help kids learn about planet order and the parts of our solar system. They’re a great addition to outer space activities in Kindergarten, First Grade and Second Grade.

Rocket Windsock

Are you looking for a unique and fun way to teach kids about the solar system? I recommend checking out this rocket craft! It’s so easy to prep and helps kids learn about the planets in our solar system.

Materials – Begin by printing the templates. Then grab some colored streamers, string, tape and a one hole punch.


<<<Download this rocket template here>>

How to Make the Rocket – Start by folding the solar system printable into a cylinder shape. Then attach the nose cone to the top of the rocket with tape. Next tape some streamers to the inner rim of the windsock. After that use a one hole punch to make a hole at the top of the cone. Finally thread a piece of string through it so the kids can run with their rocket and make it fly!


<<<Get this rocket template here>>

Solar System Planet Mobile

I love this mobile for helping kids learn about the relationship of the planets to the sun.

Preparation – Start by printing the templates. Next, grab a paper plate, string and some tape.

Instructions – First color a paper plate yellow with a crayon or yellow paint. Next paste the sun onto the paper plate. After that arrange the planets on a few pieces of string. Finally secure the planets on the string with some tape.

Tip –  Use the color version (shown below) for your teacher example and then get the kids to color in the black and white version.


<<<Find this solar system mobile here>>

Classroom Display Resources

If you’re looking for some simple solar system visuals to help you teach your students about the solar system, then I’m sure you’ll love these! I made a  large printable banner that you can add to your bulletin board and a set of realistic picture cards. I love using the picture cards as a reference when introducing a new planet. They make an eye catching addition to a space word wall too!


<<Get these display resources here>>

I hope your students love learning about our solar system with these resources! You can get these resources by clicking the download button below.


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