Summer Pineapple Fact Families


These summer fact family activities help kids learn about the part part whole concept. The cheery pineapples are sure to make a fun addition to Kindergarten and First Grade math centers!

Background Information

The following activities help kids learn about fact families and the part part whole concept. I find these concepts are very closely related, so often teach them together. Here’s a little bit of an overview about what these are.

What is a fact family?

A fact family is a group of math equations created using the same set of numbers. For example, if you get the numbers 3, 4 and 7 they can produce four equations:
3 + 4 = 7
4 + 3 = 7
7 – 4 = 3
7 – 3 =4

What is part part whole?

This concept helps kids understand numbers can be decomposed and composed. For example, the number 7 can be decomposed into 3 and 4. Similarly, the numbers 3 and 4 can be composed into 7. In this example, 7 is the whole and the 3 and 4 are the parts. 

Pineapple Fact Families and Part Part Whole Activities

Preparation – Start by printing and laminating the resources for added durability. Once you’ve cut out the pineapples, grab a one hole punch and punch a hole below the mouth. After that grab some counting links in two colors, an erasable marker and the recording sheet. Now you’re all set!

Tip – I usually prefer the time saving technique of just putting the printed resource straight into the laminating sheet without pre-cutting. But in this instance I found out that it causes the leaves to bubble when you cut them out. I ended up having to re-laminate them to smooth out the bubbles. So I highly recommend first cutting out the pineapples, before putting them in the laminating sheet. 

How to Play – Begin by choosing a pineapple. First, look at the numbers on the sunglasses and add them together. Next, write the answer on the mouth using an erasable marker. After that, read the first number and count out that amount of links in yellow. Then read the second number and count out that amount of links in green. Attach these to the pineapple to show how these numbers (parts) make up the answer (whole). Finally write the fact families on the recording sheet.


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I’ve also created a comprehensive set of Part Part Whole & Fact Family Activities. You can learn more about these here.


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