Fun Alphabet & Letter Recognition Activities


These alphabet activities are a fun way to teach kids about letter recognition and beginning sounds. They make a great addition to literacy centers in Preschool, Pre-K or Kindergarten.

Letter Recognition Activities

This dinosaur train is a super fun way to help kids develop their awareness of letter sounds and letter names.

Preparation – Print and laminate the number train for added durability. Next cut out the pieces and join them together with some tape. After that attach some velcro dots to the alphabet train and the back each sorting card.

How to Play – Start by naming the letter on the train carriage. Then find the letter that matches and place it above the train carriage. Continue playing until all of the letters have been sorted. Finally read the letters from left to right while singing the alphabet song to check they’re in alphabetical order. As a variation kids can match the picture beginning with the letter sound.


<<<Grab these fun alphabet train activities here>>>

Alphabet Clip Cards

I find clip cards are a fun way for kids to identify letters and identify beginning sounds. They’re also an awesome way to develop fine motor skills!

Beginning Sounds Clip Cards

Each of these clip cards features a picture beginning with a primary letter sound. For example, /a/ for alligator. Kids need to look at the picture, say the beginning sound and then place a clothes pin on the matching letter.


<<<Grab these beginning sounds clip cards here>>>

Letter Recognition Clip Cards

These alphabet clip cards help kids match uppercase letters and lowercase letters. Start by naming the letter near the train. Next place a clothes pin on the matching letter. Continue playing until all of the cards have been completed.


<<<Grab these alphabet letter recognition clip cards here>>>

I hope you find these alphabet activities helpful. I’ve included instruction pages within the resource itself. You can grab them by clicking the purple download button below.


Alphabet Train Poster

If you’re looking for a fun set of alphabet posters to display in your classroom or homeschool room, then be sure to check out this Alphabet Train Wall Chart. It joins together easily with clear tape to form a long banner. I’ve included a primary font and all of the Australian School Fonts (such as NSW Foundation, Vic Modern Cursive and so on).


<<<Get these cute alphabet train posters here>>>


More Alphabet Activities

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