Subitizing – Dinosaur Game


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Time – Apple Clock Mats


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Hundreds Charts


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Place Value Mats

FREEPlaceValueMats-FairyPoppinsDownload here.

Think Boards

FREE Think Boards - Fairy PoppinsDownload here.

Time – Days of the Week

FREE Days of the Week - Fairy PoppinsDownload here.

Subitising Fishing Game (Numbers 1 to 6)

Subitising - Fairy Poppins
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Number Recognition Puzzles (1 to 10)

Fairy Poppins - Ice Cream Number Puzzles

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Australian Money Posters

AustralianMoneyPostersDownload here.



Australian Money Word Wall

Australian Money Word WallDownload here.

Number Ordering Mats

build-a-fence-with-numbered-popsicle-sticks-fairy-poppinsDownload here.

Number Addition to 12

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Penguin Patterning Mats

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Dinosaur Number Cards (0-20)
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Pirate Dice Activities

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